12th ChE

12th International Meeting on Cholinesterases


Sixth International Conference on Paraoxonases

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Alicante (Spain)  Last week September  2015 (27 Sept-2 Oct)

Organizers: Jorge Estevez , Miguel Angel Sogorb, Eugenio Vilanova
Unit Toxicology. Institute of Bioengineering

University Miguel Hernández of Elche (Alicante, Spain)

Technical Secretariat: VIAJES HISPANIA (congresos@viajeshispania.es)


Previous ChE meeting: 11ChE Kazan (2012)   Previous PON meetings: 5PON (Ohio)


PROGRAM: The meeting will include invited conferences and free communication (oral and poster) in any issue related with cholinesterases, paraoxonases and related esterases and proteins dealing with their different aspects (i.e: structure, function, biology, pharmacology, toxicology, therapy, phorensy, related diseases, epidemiology) and different approaches (i.e: basic experimental molecular-celular research, in vivo studies, human clinical or epidemiological studies). Posters will be exposed during all the meeting in the same aerea for the coffee break.
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Note for exhibitors: Posters and exhibition booths will be exposed in the same area for the coffee break. If you are interested in exhibition and/or sponsoring, please contact with Technical Secretariat or with the Organizers.

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